About Us

Giant Safety Limited manufactures, imports and exports more than 3,500 products for safety, security and defense. As a leading supplier to the safety and security markets, some of the largest organizations in the Middle East rely on our products for rescue, environmental quality, civilian self-defense and communication. The company has earned an excellent reputation for maintaining ample stock for immediate delivery of high quality and competitively-priced equipment. This stock is in especially high demand during times of emergency in areas hit by a crisis or natural disaster. 
The company distributes across Israel, Eastern Europe, Africa, S. America and Asia - as well as throughout the various Mediterranean countries. Employing the most skilled people in the field, we operate a modern logistics center and maintain an up-to-date repair lab. Our products comply with international standards and have been tested throughout their operation. In addition, our in-house professional electronics department continues to develop and bring to market new products that meet global needs and requirements.
Giant Safety Ltd. has a trade license and is standard authorized ISO 9001:2008. In addition, the company has established radio and communication stations.
We are at your service and ready to meet your needs!