KING GUARD 8500 Walk Through Metal Detector with Wheels

Product Description

Technical Parameters:

Detecting zone:  24 detecting zones;


Electric Current:AC85V~264V/50-60HZ

Power:<20W, Low Consume, Low Radiation

Work Enviroment: -20℃~60℃;

Net Weight: 70 Kgs

Standard External Size:2230mm(H)*860mm(W) *720mm(D)

Standard Internal Size:2000mm(H) *700mm(W) *540mm(D)

Standard:GB15210-2003, ISO, CE, FCC, ROHS


Features and Functions:

Ø   Automatically System Testing: self-diagnostics when power on for the  door panels, LED alarm, sound, Zoning Management.

Ø  4 size with LED light

Ø  The detection zone can be adjusted into 24 Zones.

Ø  Alarm Count and Passenger Count: It can record 20000 alarm counts and can query the alarm time.

Ø  Detecting Speed: The maximum speed is 100 P/min, can downward adjust the detecting speed.

Ø  LCD backlight: 0-99S to display continuously, adjustable. 

Recognition the size of the metal objects by different sound volume

Ø  Vibration Protection: Preventing vibration interference lead to false alarms

Ø  Alarm Sound: 1-25S alarm time, 0-255 adjustable alarm volume.
LED Alarm: Four side with LED, light time 0-25S adjustable.
Sensitivity: Total value and zone value 0-255 degree adjustable

Ø  Can record and auto-save 9999 times, and can save passenger record to 65535 times at most.

Ø  Harmless to human body Control unit case and door panels can be freely combined to assemble, very easy to install & disassemble.

Ø  Working Application option for different sensitivity and detecting speed need, please select in the system.

Ø  Battery Backup not less than 2-8 hours.

Ø  Network support (Option)

System Management

Ø  Fixed ID for the record.

Ø   English display.

Ø   Calendar: Display year, month, day, hour and minute.

Ø  Manage Encryption: To prevent the misuse causes the system unusual.

Ø  Restore Factory Settings, recover initial data.

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