Escape Mask (6pcs)

Product Description

This mask comes in the form of a hood and is an essential device for respiratory protection when a fire occurs in hotels, office buildings, department stores, banks, public recreation and residences, etc .;
In case of a fire, wear the mask in accordance with the instructions for use and escape from the danger area
The mask is designed for up to 40 minutes of escape
The mask meets European standard CE EN403
 Material --- fire mask gas mask
1. Water absorption of dryer (Carbon active as carrier) in the filter, it can protect Hopcalite when used.
2. Hopcalite material in the filter can filter Carbon Monoxide (CO) and other gases.
3. The mask is made of aluminum fabric and is made by the hot melt method.
4. Neck belt made of neoprene rubber
5. Half of the mask is made of natural rubber, making it suitable for the face use.
6. Filter is made from stainless steel.
7. Dust filter uses PP fiber.
8. Breathing valve uses silica gel.
9. Breathing valve seat and cover use ABS flame retardant.
10. Protector uses soft PVC.
Key technical specifications
A. Service life: 40min gas poison and smoke protection, fireproof, hot radiation protection, good sealing protection
Purpose of protection: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbon Lead (HCN). Smoke and smoke
C. Mist permeability coefficient <5%
D. Inhalation resistance <800 Pa, Exhation resistance <300Pa
Points to note:
1. This product can only be used once. It cannot be used for employee protection, just for personal escape and self-rescue.
2. Storage conditions: 0 - 40 degrees, non-combustible, nearby corrosive explosive., Well ventilated, away from corrosion rain and moisture.
3. Proper storage must be maintained otherwise the mask may lose effectiveness.
4. This type of mask cannot be used in the atmosphere with less than 17% oxygen.
5. This type of mask is also suitable for children over the age of 8 to wear and escape in an emergency, but it needs the help of an adult.
6. If the seal is broken, you should consider that this mask was used and cannot be used again.

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