GIANT 1450 Mobile Structure

Product Description

A beautiful new product! With a wooden finish

Suitable for mobile office, field clinic, retention room, construction site, regional administration, headquarters and more.

Size: 6.20 * 2.20 meters and 2.4 meters high

Decorative and wide windows

LED indoor lighting

Electric connections

Outdoor lighting above the door

Solar lighting option - extra charge.

Resistant to solar wind and rain and high quality insulation

Sealed roof

Thick metal flooring Wood flooring-like finish

Double metal insulated panel construction with foam plastic - retains high insulation in summer and winter

The pavilion can be sent anywhere in the world and in the world !!!

The structure is provided to our customers in Israel after strict quality control

Beautiful, durable and attractive product for the price!

Unique import from Eastern Europe

SKU: 4663000

Importers: Giant Safety

Maximum quantity available reached.

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